The Bees Needs

20181026_154030Fall is in the air – it is my favourite season in the garden. One of the great things about the Fall is that it is a really good time to move plants around in your garden and also add some new things. The cooler nights , rainy weather and warm days allow plants to still grow and get roots down into the soil. Why not think of adding something that will attract our buzzing friends!

Did you know that 1 out of 3 bites of food you take is thanks to a bee? If bees stopped pollinating , the human race would starve. They are an essential part of our food production. Also birds and other mammals rely on bees to pollinate their food sources .


We have all heard about the declining bee populations all over the world. Some think it is because of cell phones interfering with their brains; others are not so sure. There are definitely 3 main contributing factors to bee decline:

  • Disease
  • Over use of Pesticides
  • Habitat loss

The #1 problem is habitat loss. Can we gardeners help? Of course! There are many plants to put in our gardens that attract bees and all pollinators. The most important thing to realize is  to provide year round blooms , as bees are not just active in the summer. We need to provide nectar and pollen from March to October.

The Fall is a great time to plant in our gardens. Here are a few  suggestions to attract bees:

SPRING: Early season bloomers like – Helleborus “Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose” ; Kramers Red Heather ; Pieris; and even Rhododendrons.


SUMMER:  There are lots of options for summer like : Lavender; Yarrow; Echinacea; Helenium to name a few.

garden 1

FALL: Late season bloomers like: Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ ; Rudbeckia – ‘Black eyed Susan’ ; Fall Asters; Solidago ‘Goldenrod’


Check out this site for more plant suggestions and info about creating a pollinator garden :

Happy planting and enjoy the Fall season.


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