Get inspired!

I have to say that I was surprised to see my last post was from January – of last year! I obviously had very good intentions to do regular posts but now, I feel rather sheepish. I think of writing a post and then the season gets going and it gets put on the back-burner. I do have slight issues with procrastination…but enough excuses, I am not here to whine or discuss my bad habits but to share some gardening inspirations.

As a landscaper, sometimes the ‘work’ can become tiring and monotonous. The seasons come and go – in spring you have certain tasks to do and with each seasonal change, the pruning, cleanup, and projects change a bit but then it sometimes feels like – press repeat! And do it all again.


I come home and look at my own garden and think “Oh boy, I should really do some weeding  out there’, and I just look outside and then go and sit down and watch some TV.  Sometimes it is hard to get inspired to keep going. Even though I know I will feel better after even a little bit of gardening.  What to do? How do I get inspired to get outside and get my hands dirty?

20181012_143804Luckily for me, Fall and Winter are my favourite seasons. The foggy mornings, the changes in light, the beautiful colours of fall foliage and berries really get me inspired about gardening again. I love to watch my grasses taking on an ethereal glow in the winter morning light – that’s enough to get me outside to at least take some pictures!

If I am ever feeling bored of all things gardening , a stop at one of my local garden  suppliers is always a boost. It is a great way for me to see any new plants, check out inspiring seasonal planters, and chat about all things gardening.

Fall planter by Lisa from Aarts Nursery in Langley BC

The Fall and Winter is also a great time to search out a good gardening book to read. I will usually pick up at least one that may have some Landscape design tips , or new planting ideas and plans. I enjoy reading about what other people love about gardening which can sometimes help to remind me of why I enjoy it too. Sometimes even a gardening article in a Martha Stewart magazine is a good source of inspiration.


I still haven’t weeded my garden….but I have been out and taken a load of pictures!:)

This has helped me though, as I now have a plan to move some plants around , expand one of the beds, and add some more ornamental grasses – I just love them. And they remind me , that I do love gardening!

Enjoy your garden…..




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