Hot trends for 2015

With the new year just around the corner, it is a great time to think about your outdoor space and what you can add to your garden to give it that extra spark of interest for 2015. Here is a list of some of the hot, landscaping trends for 2015 that experts have predicted.

  1. Garden- tainment: Consumers are projected to spend billions on outdoor décor in 2015. Homeowners will use their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes to entertain. Your outdoor space can be as comfortable and welcoming as the inside of your house. Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be white, plastic, rickety lawn chairs! New outdoor fabrics are made to be waterproof, fade resistant and are available in many patterns and colours. Use them on comfortable outdoor furniture that will help create your outdoor living room. Readymade pots and planters can be quickly added to bring fresh colour to any patio setting before a party. Add a small outdoor fireplace to create a cozy hot spot for you and your family to enjoy in the evenings.


  1. Edible Gardens : The latest trend is to combine edibles and ornamentals in your garden beds and pots. By adding fruits and vegetables to your outdoor space, you will offer more diversity, and energy to your garden. Plus you get a bountiful harvest out of it too! New dwarf varieties of berry producing bushes like blueberries and raspberries make it possible to plug these shrubs into already established beds or small patio pots.


  1. The birds and the bees!: Since the news that our bee populations have been dwindling started to hit the airwaves , people have been consciously adding to their gardens with bees in mind. 2015 will be no exception. Basil, aster, goldenrod and lavender are a few options for the pacific northwest. You can also design your garden with butterflies and birds in mind. Planting ceanothus(California lilac) is a great source of nectar and food throughout the season for butterflies. Phlox, lupines and fall sedum are other great butterfly plants. Also, think about the birds by adding a bird bath or small fountain for them to splash around in.
  1. Waterscapes: Water features are a popular addition to gardens and 2015 looks like no exception. From Patio ponds, small fountains and gurglers to ponds, streams and waterfalls – there really is an option for every space and budget. The sound of water drowns out noise, it is relaxing and soothing after a hectic day at work, and water features attract life of all kinds – birds, butterflies, dragon flies and frogs. Your outdoor space will be transformed by your waterscape. It will become the focal point of your outdoor room.

 2014-09-06 07.28.22

  1. Privacy planting: Life keeps getting busier and busier. All the more reason to create a private piece of paradise at your home. That means planting to create privacy. This traditionally takes the form of a hedge. But it can be as easy as a row of container plants on your deck or patio. You can also plant a natural screen with a mix of perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs.
  1. Tripping the light fantastic: When night falls, why should you have to leave your beautiful garden and head inside? Landscape lighting can help extend your time in your outdoor space. Customized lighting can easily highlight some focal points in your garden or keep your patio warmly lit. Outdoor lighting keeps your walkways and entry ways safely lit up too. Enjoy adding another dimension to your garden as you can relax on your patio and experience your “night garden.”                                                                                                                                             Landscape-lighting
  2. Bed Head Style: A purposefully un-styled outdoor space is the result of intentionally working within the natural landscape. This is sometimes called ‘naturalistic” with the emphasis on form and structured rather then just on plants that flower. This casual landscape style expresses an effortless personality with an “anything goes” attitude. This usually involves a mixture of ornamental grasses and perennials and a desire to create a low impact on the environment. Drifts of plants in close groupings reduce the amount of weeding and water loss. Plants are usually left through the winter as their seedheads, stalks and the wispy grasses shine in the winter light.

 2014-10-03 11.53.37

Start planning now, and good luck gardening in 2015!

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