hot, hot, heat!

It has been a long,  dry summer on the west coast this year.  There were quite a few scorchers. Even though it has cooled down a bit, we are still well below average for rainfall amounts since June 1st (according to the weather network).

This kind of weather can be tough for our gardens to handle. Deep watering, mulching, and the right plants in the right places are a few rules to help. It is possible to have a great looking garden thru a hot summer.



Ornamental grasses like the above fountain grass ‘karly rose’ , just thrive in the summer heat.


This dwarf fountain grass ‘hameln’ looks good in pots too. There are many perennials that will actually enjoy a lack of water – crazy plants! -and grow even better.


The electric blue of this sea holly really brightens up a garden. So, enjoy the dog days of summer. Find places to add some plants that will add some summer interest to your garden, but won’t put more demand on our precious water resources.



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